Norfolk Cordial sources top quality produce from British growers, to make what are most probably the purest & finest fresh-fruit cordials in the UK.  All of the fruits & flowers are handpicked, the fruits are cold-pressed & the syrups are lovingly handmade in small batches to ensure that they are packed full of real flavour & provenance.


Using only natural ingredients, Norfolk Cordial has concocted a selection of beautiful drinks with low sugar content, vibrant fresh fruit flavours and stunning floral hues.  Refreshing in the afternoon, perfect as a pre-dinner cocktail or a delicious alternative to wine with your meal, these are stylish [non-alcoholic] drinks for the refined adult palate.


No Colourings. No Flavourings. No Concentrates. No Preservatives.

It’s that simple. We only use fresh whole fruit, cold pressed long and slow to draw every last drop of goodness and flavour, ensuring the highest quality syrup just for you.


The inspiration for each flavour we create comes from our own tastes, smells, memories and imaginations.


Our focus and belief is that the marriage of ingredients has to not only appeal to the senses on all levels (colour, taste and smell),

but also, by about 3 sips in, become a flavour that has surprised and delighted you so much so that you will want to experience it again. And again!  We want our flavours to evoke memories and let imaginations run wild. 

Enjoyed regularly by celebrities & royalty, offered in Michelin restaurants & world-famous food halls & stocked by most pubs in Norfolk, we think we’re doing something right!



Love life, love Norfolk – love the little bit of Norfolk in our bottles.