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norfolk cordial

Blackcurrant & Quince 250ml

Blackcurrant & Quince 250ml

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A concentrated fruit syrup made from fresh blackcurrants and quinces.

Tasting Notes

Deep red in colour.  Exquisitely complex aroma comprising sweet floral notes of quince, mellowed by rich blackcurrant tones.  A vibrant marriage of quince and currant that plays wonderfully on the tongue.


Fresh dew drops cling to the grass and shimmer like little pink pearls in the early morning sun.  A warm and rich palette of oranges, pinks and reds paints the cloudless sky.  A chill in the air suggests that late summer may be giving way to autumn.  A blackbird rustles in the hedge, fervently foraging for berries whilst the distant hum of a combine harvester continues.  The orchard fruits, perfectly ripe, hang heavily on the branches and a sweetness fills the air, so ripe and pungent you can almost taste it.  Not a breath of wind dares to disturb the mystical beauty that hovers preciously in the air for those few prized moments before the world awakens.

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