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MAKE YOUR OWN 4 Bottle Gift Box

MAKE YOUR OWN 4 Bottle Gift Box

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Introducing our MAKE YOUR OWN 4 Bottle Gift Box!

These lovely little gift boxes will make an ideal gift for friends and family.   Choose 4 of our 9 flavours and whether you would like a blue or pink sticker and we will make the box up just for you.

Each 50ml bottle will provide 2 x 250ml servings when diluted with water.  

If using in cocktails, we advise using just 5-10ml per serving.

*Please let us know which 4 of the following 9 flavours you would like using the text box above* Wild Elderflower Elderflower & Cucumber Red Gooseberry & Elderflower Rhubarb Orange & Ginger Strawberry & Lime Redcurrant & Grapefruit Raspberry Blackberry Blackcurrant & Quince

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