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norfolk cordial

Redcurrant & Grapefruit 250ml

Redcurrant & Grapefruit 250ml

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A concentrated fruit syrup made from fresh redcurrants and fresh grapefruit juice.

Tasting Notes

Dense and ripe redcurrant nose. Beautiful bright maroon in colour. Smooth palate; heavy with the richness of red berries and a pleasing fusion with grapefruit on the finish. Liberal with its depth of flavour. Distinct, autumnal and pleasingly palatable.


A pink glow spreads over the sky as the setting sun disappears behind the line of trees. Friendly banter fills the kitchen, a game of Monopoly spreads over the dining table, arousing mild rivalry between siblings. Rich smells of roasting beef and potatoes leak out of the Aga, making mouths unconsciously water in anticipation.

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